“Worcester Sharks Weekly” …Dan DaSilva’s excellent adventure


Photo courtesy of http://www.sharksahl.com

On April 14, Worcester Sharks forward Dan DaSilva embarked on a 2300 mile drive back home to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (Canada) from Worcester, Massachusetts (United States) for the off-season.  Yes, DaSilva drove all the way back and constantly updated his twitter page {@wsharksdasilva} with pictures and comments of his adventure.  The following is the complete twitter-line of DaSilva’s trip and all pictures are courtesy of him.

DAY ONE {April 14}

05:10 am  “Follow me on my 36 hour drive home. Just pulled out of the driveway now.”

07:36 am

07:36 am  “Barley made it to the first gas station haha.”

08:34 am  “First gas receipt was 100 dollars. Good thing we get reimbursed for travel. Thanks mudder, plenty more where that came from.”

08:56 am  “99 years ago tonite the titantic went down. You hear a lot of cool facts on the radio”

09:22 am  “Syracuse, ny.”

09:55 am  “When are they gonna invent bathrooms in vehicles haha”

10:15 am  “Left lane is fast lane and for passing. Right lane is slow or speed limit. Why can’t ppl figure that out?”

10:25 am  @wsharksmarcou Thanks for the tip, not as easy as it sounds”

11:07 am  “Might take me 3 weeks to get home following these 2.”

11:09 am  “Buffalo, ny.”

11:14 am  “15 dollars for a toll. #rukiddingme

11:51 am  “So I’m gettin in trouble from some of u from #tweetinganddriving. I agree so I’m gonna stop. But I will tweet when I take breaks. Thanks”

12:25 pm  “Just saw my first female semi truck driver. I always see a few. If u guess how many I will see during this trip I will sign and mail a card”

12:25 pm  “To the winner or winners! Guess away!”

12:33 pm  @PMcDonaldAI10 you should sing blind melon – no rain next week after u make it thru tonight bro!”

12:31 pm  “So everyone knows, I’m driving from worcester ma to saskatoon sk. 36hrs. I’ve seen 1 female truck driver thus far. Keeping it fair”

12:39 pm  “Just entered pennsylvania”

12:42 pm  “I will post how many I saw once I get home. Unless u wanna know how many I’ve seen as I go. Your choice I do it all for you guys. #pplschamp

01:14 pm  “Goin with the live updates. Just saw 2nd female semi driver……”

01:18 pm  “Welcome to Ohio!”

02:03 pm  “Heelllllllllllloo cleveland!”

03:38 pm  “Still alive, still drivin, still long way from home, gettin closer tho. 25mi til toldedo, ohio. Only 2 ftd’s so far.”

03:56 pm  “So you wanna be a hockey player?”

04:19 pm  “Some ppl just weren’t cut out for life on the road!”

04:49 pm  “Ftd update – total is 3. Just entered indiana aswell”

04:55 pm  “Make that total of 4 now”

05:04 pm  “Now 5. Indiana is full of ftd’s”

05:11 pm  “Okkkk now 6. I never thought it would get this high”

05:24 pm  “Just passed a semi driver with a ‘flash me?’ sign in his window. Hahahah good luck pal”

05:36 pm  “Maybe I should make a flash me sign and u can guess how many I get of those instead hahah jk”

06:42 pm  “Just entered into central time zone. Gained an hour back #dowork

06:53 pm  “Already have tomorrows game for the road planned. Don’t forget to tune in haha. Couple more hrs tonight then sleeeeep”

07:13 pm  “Final count of ftd’s for the day is 6. Too dark out to be able to tell now”

07:25 pm  “Just to confirm, ftd contest is for the whole trip not just today. Count will continue tomo. In Chicago Illinois”

DAY TWO {April 15}

06:43 am “On the roaaad agaain. Day 1 drivimng stats were. 15hr 10mins. 1045miles. Here we go with day 2. Good morning!”

07:58 am “Anyone know the shortcut number u dial from ur phone to get verizon wireless customer service?”

08:15 am  “Thanks. Just saw my first saskatchewan liscense plate all the way out in wisconsin. Didn’t think I’d see one this early. #saskyboys

08:40 am  @Svenner22 haha too many questions svennnnerrrr. I eat whatevers available around the gas station I stop at.”

09:18 am  “Just saw my first female truck driver today. total is at 7 now”

09:29 am  “Make it 8 ftds”

10:03 am  “So todays game is… Guess what song I hear the most today. I’m listening to sirius satelite radio. Mostly todays hits, hip hop and country.”

10:10 am  “On and btw 9 female semi truck drivers thus far”

11:01 am  “Minnesota welcomes me!”

12:29 pm  “I feel like pacman eating up all the dotted lines”

12:50 pm  “Into double digits now.  10 ftd’s”

01:02 pm  “Just saw 11th ftd. Never thought there would be that many not gonna lie. I’m surprised. Still truckin thru minnesota”

01:03 pm  “No lies just saw 12th”

01:27 pm  “13 and counting”

01:52 pm  @trishmj18 #like we’ll start a trend”

02:13 pm  “There’s now on the vehicles coming toward. Not a good sign.#myneckofthewoods. 12 hours to go”

02:30 pm  “Into fargo north dakota”

02:30 pm  “Great speed limit here, 75mph”

02:37 pm  “Notice all the water. Bad flooding here just outside of fargo nd”

05:36 pm  “Wow just passed ftd #14. Phone batery gettin low might put the tweets away for a while. Think I’m gonna make it home tonight #like #doinwork

05:40 pm  “About to pass geographical center of north america in 5 miles. Pretty crazy fact. Look it up. That’s where I’m at haha”

08:13 pm  “Ohhhh Caaaanaaaadaaa!!!”

DAY THREE {April 16}

“made it home safe. Feels so good to be home. Final ftd tally was 14. Did any one guess right? Be honest.”

“Usher-more and lady gaga-born this way tied for most played at 5 each yesterday on the drive.”


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