“Teal Town Tweet Talk” for 4/24/11 – 4/30/11

Sena Acolatse

“Who plays a game 7 on Easter? Rattled at u @kopes10 #AJHLgetittogether  {April 24}

Jamie Baker

@seto1616 people are asking what ‘feed the chickens means.’ Do you want to tell them, should I, or should we show them?”  {April 25}

Brodie Brazil

“Me: ‘Dany, a few questions?’ Heatley: ‘Where’s your tie clip?”  {April 30}

Ryane Clowe

“Just watched the lakers/hornets playoff game after watching hawks/nucks..gotta say nothing compares to playoff hockey #talkaboutintense  {April 24}

Logan Couture

“Anyone got anything to say about our Captain, or the way our team battles? Don’t think so…#haterscanhate #ontothenextone  {April 25}

Dan DaSilva

“Went for a jog yesterday for the first time in about 7 months haha. Body is definately feelin it today. #sore  {April 26}

Taylor Doherty

“Just purchased the new Blackberry Playbook. #loveit  {April 28}

Randy Hahn

“The Sharks GWG couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Congrats Sharks and congrats Jumbo Joe Thornton!”  {April 26}

Carter Hutton

“NFL draft is similar to the powerball lottery #payday  {April 28}

James Marcou

“It’s the glass fault that Spacek is hurt #nottttt  {April 26}

Jamal Mayers

“Kings battled hard! Tough series with 3 OT games! Too bad Murray didn’t have class to shake hands like players (who bled) and Asst Coaches!”  {April 25}

Jamie McGinn

“Ummm is that a #baseball on the fighters head?”  {April 30}

Devin Setoguchi

“Omg anyone watching the ufc fights mark hominicks face looks like he just got hit by a bat but yet this final round he’s #winning  {April 30}

Sean Sullivan

“We get it ESPN the NFL draft is coming up, I’ve heard about it for the past 2 months. Its like hanging with @Hutts85. #gettingold.”  {April 25}

S.J. Sharkie

“boston bruins playing neil yound in the garden, not nearly as cool as having neil young in the tank!”  {April 27}


About Jon Allred

Life long San Jose and Worcester Sharks fan that bleeds teal and black.

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