San Jose Sharks Patrick Marleau’s interview with KNBR Radio 5/17/11

If you would like to listen to the mp3 of the complete interview, please click on the following link:  Patrick Marleau KNBR interview with Tom Tolbert

San Jose Sharks forward Patrick Marleau celebrates his second period goal against the Vancouver Canucks in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals Sunday night in Vancouver. Photo courtesy of Yahoo Sports.

On May 17th, San Jose Sharks forward Patrick Marleau was interviewed on KNBR radio by Tom Tolbert for the “Razor and Mr. T” show and gave his thoughts on a variety of subjects, including the Detroit Red Wings series, Jeremy Roenick‘s comments about him, the Vancouver Canucks series and what the Sharks need to do in order to leave Vancouver with a split. 

What did Game 7 against the Detroit Red Wings feel like?
“Yeah, it was….we won the first three games and lost the next three and it was going into game 7 and everyone was getting amped up, getting focused before the game.  When we got out there, the fans were unbelievable and so loud on every play.  It was loudest building we’ve played in by far this playoff.”

How did you block the talk of possibly becoming fourth team in NHL history to blow a 3-0 series lead and lose series?
“Personally, it was all about that one game.  You would hear those things about teams coming back from being down 3-0 in a series but I just kinda told myself, ‘I play one game today and that’s all that matters,’ and just focused on that and can’t really do anything about the ones we played in the past and lost.”

How big was the game winning goal in Game 7?
“Yeah it was big.  Our team played so well in that game and we have to get back to that obviously this series.  It was a team effort and it was a good timing goal.  We got the win and our defense played great.  Nemo played great.  He’s been holding us in there a lot of games and we’ve got to give him a bit more help.  Everybody was pulling along and stepped up at different times and were going to need that moving ahead here.”

Did Roenick’s comments hurt being he was a former teammate?
“Well, I’m not really concerned with what he had to say.  I”m just worried about what I can control and getting ready for games, focusing and helping my team win.”

Do people {fans, announcers, etc} have any validity to the comments they make?
“Well everybody’s going to have their opinion.  I don’t see myself as that type of player {doesn’t go to the tough areas enough, doesn’t go to the crease enough, will take easy way out more often than not}.  I can control what I can do, how I think, how I approach the game and how hard I play.  Those are the things I’m worried about and not concerned about anyone else’s opinion.”

What are some things that you try to consistently get better at?
“You want to be getting chances, you want to be in and around the other teams net, getting good looks, getting shots.  Another part of the game would be Penalty Kills, so those are things like you said, that don’t show up in personal columns but in team columns they do.  Killing penalties, blocking shots, face-offs and being able to get in the other teams zone.  You may not get a point but you might have done something on the play, you might have been the third assist, you bumped/got in a hit to cause a turnover, different things like that.  So there’s a lot of things that don’t show up but a lot of things the team and teammates recognize that everybody is doing on the ice.”

Did it feel on the ice that the Canucks series is more ramped up than the Red Wings series?
“Detroit was a hard team.  Obviously a lot of veteran guys and they came back.  They’re a fast team as well.  I think it’s just a different look.  Detroit kinda, they hang onto the puck a little bit more, turn it back a little bit more but with Vancouver, it’s more north-south and they want to get up and get it in your zone right away.  So it might seem a little bit faster but I definitely think Detroit is very highly skilled and very fast as well.”

How much a toll mentally and physically did the Red Wings series take on the Sharks?
“I don’t know.  I wasn’t really thinking about the last series going into the game.  I don’t know if it did or not but we had a couple days here between games so we’re just getting ready for the next game here and getting rest up and getting ready to go.”

Do the referees have to be aware of the fact that the Canucks will embellish penalties?
“Well they have a tough Power Play so I think they would like to get on the Power Play as much as possible and we have to do a good job of staying out of the box.  I think from previous series with Nashville, the officials already know about that and they are going to do their best job that they can do and that’s all you can really ask for.  We still have to play a game no matter what’s going on the ice and if that’s case or if it isn’t, we still have to find a way to win.”

Isn’t embellishing so un-hockey like?
“I think so.  Usually, I think you can see one or two players per team that might have a tendency to do that over the years but I don’t know.  I think maybe the way things are going, where the intensity gets wrapped up and everything like that, your trying to win, your doing everything you can to win.  I don’t like to think that’s the case, hopefully it isn’t.  Hopefully if it is, the refs can take of it.”

How big are Special Teams from a momentum stand point?
“Those are big plays in the game where if your on the Power Play, even if you don’t score, you can still gain some momentum by sustaining an attack and you get that felling that your on top of them and you gotta keep going and vice-versa.  If your good on the PK, you kinda stopped them in their tracks, they may get a little discouraged and it’ll give your a team a little boost to go up there as soon as they get back 5-on-5 and go play in their end.”

Were you surprised Thornton wanted to fight Kesler before the drop of the puck to Game 1?
“Yeah I heard about that play.  Well, Joe wants to win.  He’s a competitor.  So there’s always a reason for everything he does.  Obviously, there’s probably a reason behind that.”

How did Game 7 vs. Red Wings compare with Gold Medal Game for Team Canada at 2010 Olympics?
“Oh boy.  I think obviously the Olympic gold medal game was probably a little bit more intense, a little bit more up for grabs being the best players in the Olympics, being in Canada’s home country, playing in front of all your fans.  That was definitely a few steps up from Game 7 in San Jose but those are all very important games that players get up for and are excited to play in.”

What do the Sharks need to do better in Game 2 to leave Vancouver with a split?
“I think our forecheck needs to get a little bit better.  We did a good job of getting the puck in and getting into battles.  We gotta win those battles in their end, get pucks out of those scrums, get pucks towards the net and get our offensive opportunities off of that.”


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