“Teal Town Tweet Talk” for week of 5/15/11 – 5/21/11


Sena Acolatse

“If I hear that rolling in the deep song on the radio one more time I am going to stab myself in the ears #rattlingyo”  {May 17}

Jamie Baker

“Love the fact Jumbo admitted he challenged Kesler to a fight at the opening faceoff. Equally interesting is that Kesler said no!”  {May 17}

Brodie Brazil

“According to CBC, Joe Thornton skated 1.77 km’s in the 1st period. Conversion, anybody?”  {May 18}

Logan Couture

“Afternoon tv…Maury or Judge Judy? I’m more of a Maury person myself #classclassclass”  {May 17}

Randy Hahn

“Stay classy San Diego….uh I mean San Jose.”  {May 21}

Carter Hutton

@SeanSullivan37 you won’t be flying anywhere if you don’t lay off the deserts #woo”  {May 20}

James Marcou

“Why are we still alive? #judgementdaynot  {May 21}

Jamal Mayers

“Great job last night but gets even tougher tmrw afternoon! Shark tank was loud!!  {May 21}

Jamie McGinn

“Great win by the boys tonight, I’m not the player to try and hurt anybody.. I hope Rome is ok! #stayloud sharks fans”  {May 20}

Sean Sullivan

“In honor of Macho Man Randy Savage I will give a flying elbow drop to @CarterHutton and @JamieMcGinn64 whenever I come across them next.”  {May 20}

SJ Sharkie

“The fan quote of the night: ‘Sharkie, it is my birthday, & the world is ending tomorrow …This is my last chance to get a pic with you’ #fb”  {May 20}


About Jon Allred

Life long San Jose and Worcester Sharks fan that bleeds teal and black.

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