“Teal Town Tweet Talk” for week of 5/22/11 – 5/28/11


Before I begin this week’s installment of “Teal Town Tweet Talk,” I would like to announce that Worcester Sharks forward, and team rookie of the year, Tommy Wingels has joined Twitter and can be followed @Tommy_Wingels.  Also, Worcester Sharks forward Dan DaSilva has changed his Twitter name to @DanDaSilva23.

Sena Acolatse

“I think I hate the radio more than I hate those bandwagon jumpin canuck fans… Nahh nuck fans are still worse, but the radio does lick”  {May 27}

Jamie Baker

“war-ri-or – noun 1) a person who shows or has shown great vigor, courage or aggressiveness. 2) hockey players playing despite injuries”  {May 26}

Brodie Brazil

“Okay ladies, now that it’s over: what did you really think of the beard?”  {May 25}

Logan Couture

“Man, the season ends too quickly. Just comes to a stop out of nowhere. Feels weird not going to the rink today. Thanks for an amazing year Sharks fans. Truly blessed to play in a city where fans are so proud of their team. Thank you for the support through the highs and the lows. It was quite a journey this year. We will come back stronger and hungrier next year. #stayloud fans, we can still hear you.”  {May 25}

Dan DaSilva

“Just chuckin a tweet out there to let everyone know that im still alive and kickin”  {May 26}

Randy Hahn

“Thanks for all the passion, joy, heartache, humor and support for the team expressed here this past season. The best hopefully still to come”  {May 25}

Bret Hedican

“Thank you to all the Shark fans who supported our crew all season, & Congrats to the Canucks for advancing! Go get the Cup!”  {May 24}

Carter Hutton

“First Friday night in months and no @seansullivan37 my life is picking up #anchor  {May 27}

James Marcou

@tommy_wingels just tweet #showtime”  {May 24}

Jamal Mayers

“Just wanna say thanks to Sharks fans for all the great support this year! What a great place to play and live! We will be back!”  {May 25}

Jamie McGinn

“Finally took down the christmas tree! Some weird looks dragging that down the hall.. #neverseenachristmastreebefore?” {May 26}

Frazer McLaren

“Check out www.parktek.ca for all you who love to long board!!”  {May 24}

Sean Sullivan

@Tommy_Wingels cut the cord bud. Get a new photo. I’m sure @CarterHutton has some of you sleeping since you guys shared a room for a year.”  {May 23}

SJ Sharkie

“I’m going nuts today! Hwy 17 is closed and sjsu has graduation! Tried to get to scotts valley – now trying to get to sharks ice! #noLuck #fb  {May 28}

Tommy Wingels

“Don’t know how to use this. Getting chirped already. Feel like @andy_miele in class”  {May 24}



Sean Sullivan

“Hotel TV is so dead to me its not even funny. If I see another episode of Law and Order I’m going through the window. #PencilDive  {May 24}

Frazer McLaren

@SeanSullivan37 learn how to read then!”  {May 24}

Logan Couture

“Goodbye Mr. @JamieMcGinn64. Goodbye.  {May 26}

{Photo courtesy of @logancouture}

Jamie McGinn

“I miss him already ha 6 years as teammates and counting @Logancouture: Goodbye Mr. @JamieMcGinn64. Goodbye.”  {May 26}


About Jon Allred

Life long San Jose and Worcester Sharks fan that bleeds teal and black.

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  1. Very nice! Comprehensive!

  2. Alex Z. Sharkie

    hahahahahah love the one by Sena!

    One name Brodie (Brodie “Beardy” Brazil)

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