“Teal Town Tweet Talk” for week of 5/29/11 – 6/4/11


Sena Acolatse

@justinbieber biebs, do u remember holding the door open for the boys in saskatoon? When u made us practice at another rink? #stillloveubro”  {June 4}

Jamie Baker

“Quote of the day ‘I like ice hockey because people who play ice hockey are the kind of people who pick up hitchhikers Bono #nhl”  {June 2}

Brodie Brazil

“A special thanks to all of the men and women in service, past and present, who allow us to enjoy freedoms on a daily basis. #memorialday  {May 30}

Logan Couture

“Well London, check Barneys off places to hang out. Bouncers are dicks.”  {June 3}

Dan DaSilva

“Gonna see bridesmaids tonight, say what u want about me but I’m kind of excited about it. Hangover 2 last week was siiiiiiick bro.”  {May 31}

Bret Hedican

“Love seeing the intensity of the guys in the locker room prior to gm 2! As ex-player, there is no better feeling than getn ready 4 battle!”  {June 4}

Carter Hutton

“Once I cross the border @SeanSullivan37 starts tough talking me, I know its just a front though he took it hard when I left, who wouldnt”  {June 3}

James Marcou

@JOSS823 thats my brothers behind #duh”  {June 4}

Jamal Mayers

“There’s gonna be a lot of pissed Winnepegers if they don’t call the team ‘Jets’ after all the pics of NEW jerseys fans just bought! :)”  {June 1}

Jamie McGinn

“Back to doing #yardwork wow talk about suck.. Wat is worse my #yardwork or @Logancouture packing up? #atleastibuiltupasweat”  {May 29}

Frazer McLaren

“Just discovered #Whitepanda thansk to @kmacarter my new pal. Check em out.! #Danceparty.”  {June 4}

Sean Sullivan

@jmarcou19 I thought you haircuts were bad, but your tweets are wayyyy worse. They are a close second to @CarterHutton haircuts and tweets.”  {June 3}

SJ Sharkie

“A quote from an old friend that worked for the #trashers in the early years ‘the bird is flying north for the winter, thats backwards!’ #fb”  {May 31}

Tommy Wingels

“At the memorial. How is @chris_wideman not on the tour based on how he is dressed.”  {June 3}



Logan Couture

“Hour and a half to kill at the airport. Gonna buy a book, hey @JamieMcGinn64 ever read one of these before?? Ta-ta-today Junior!!”  {May 31}

Jamie McGinn

“Hold on @Logancouture I’ve never seen you read before, anyone else think that’s just a #coloringbook? And KD #staylighttttttt”  {June 2}


About Jon Allred

Life long San Jose and Worcester Sharks fan that bleeds teal and black.

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  1. Miche Saaijman

    I love this! It’s so cool!

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