“Teal Town Tweet Talk” for week of 6/5/11 – 6/11/11


Sena Acolatse

“Just gained soo much respect for marchand hahahaa #gobruins #beatitnucks  {June 8}

Jamie Baker

“I totally support USA Hockey’s new hitting policy. Give players 2 more years to work on skating (balance & edging) and puck skills.”  {June 11}

Brodie Brazil

“4.5 hour #sfgiants game…? I love baseball, and sports, but… come on!”  {June 6}

Logan Couture

“Will Lebron score more than 25 in a Finals game? #livinginDwaynesshadown  {June 7}

Carter Hutton

“Glen Healey’s job is color commentator he sounds like he works for Van, turn his mic off”  {June 6}

James Marcou

“Why even watch the first 3 quarters of basketball #boringgggg  {June 5}

Jamal Mayers

“Off to gym to workout with Mike Potenza! (Sharks Strength Coach)…gotta do the work there’s no magic to it!”  {June 10}

Jamie McGinn

“One of my new least favorite birds is the #canadagoose… Keep poopin on my lawn and #illgetya”  {June 8}

Sean Sullivan

“The nose face killer with a sick goal. @Coreycgriffin start stretching Van needs a goalie to back up Schnides. #bwuins!”  {June 6}

SJ Sharkie

“Touchdown and a 2-point conversion for the bruins!”  {June 6}

Tommy Wingels

“going home. unfortunately bringing some idiots with #derekkk #yaaaaa”  {June 10}


About Jon Allred

Life long San Jose and Worcester Sharks fan that bleeds teal and black.

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