“Teal Town Tweet Talk” for week of 6/12/11 – 6/18/11


Before I begin this week’s installment of “Teal Town Tweet Talk,” I would like to wish all father’s out there a “Happy Father’s Day” and welcome the newest Shark to Twitter, Worcester Sharks defenseman Nicholas Schaus, who you can follow @NicholasSchaus.

Sena Acolatse

“Honestly I think I’m the happiest guy in the world right now!!! #bostonbruins #cupchamps! #marchandforpresident”  {June 15}

Jamie Baker

“Three game 7 shoutouts – wow is that impressive. #ThomasConnSmythe”  {June 15}

Brodie Brazil

“In all seriousness, I don’t think they should change the song. The year it was Green Day, just wasn’t right. #SharksGoalSongsSuggestions”  {June 14}.

Logan Couture

“Had to go to bed once the cup starting being passed around. Hurts, but great for motivation all summer and into the year. #nextyearitsours  {June 15}

Dan DaSilva

“Game #1 of the 3on3 season tonight, haven’t skated in 2months. Not gonna be pretty.”  {June 12}

Bret Hedican

“I’ve won and lost a Stanley Cup game 7! I remember both like they were yesterday! Heartbreak & Elation! I love this F’ing game! #NHL  {June 13}

Carter Hutton

“The Crusha @NicholasSchaus himself joins the twitter world, should be interesting can’t copy off me anymore like in college”  {June 13}

Jamal Mayers

“Congrats to my daughter Langley!… her Dance (Hip Hop) recital tonight #SantaClaraUniv!  {June 18}

Jamie McGinn

“First catch of the day.. Winner is #sparky!!! Sorry @steve_phill @Vandis @kellyr009 and moi  {June 17}

Nicholas Schaus

“Fear is weakness. Be #legendary  {June 15}

Sean Sullivan

“Jaws 3 has the best graphics I have ever seen in my life.”  {June 16}

SJ Sharkie

“sent a message to my pal @CanucksFIN sending my best, and telling him to get someplace safe!”  {June 15}



Jamie Baker

“75% of hockey is staking, you have to figure out the other 25%. Yup, got that from dad. Happy Fathers Day Dad and to all the Dads out there.”  {June 19}

Logan Couture

“Happy Fathers day to the man who introduced me to the game I love. My role model, who I look up to. Love you Dad. #bestdadintheworld  {June 19}

Jamie McGinn

“Beautiful day today! Everyone have a happy #fathersday  {June 19}


About Jon Allred

Life long San Jose and Worcester Sharks fan that bleeds teal and black.

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