“One-on-One” with San Jose Sharks prospect Lee Moffie

Lee Moffie walks up the tunnel at Michigan Stadium after a Dec. 10, 2010 practice before the "Big Chill" game against Michigan State. Photo courtesy of John T. Greilick of detnews.com

Before I begin, I would like to thank Lee Moffie for answering all these questions.  Be sure to follow him on Twitter @ljmoffie and check out his “Fearsome Young Sharks” Prospect Profile post by clicking HERE.

How did this year’s San Jose Sharks Development Camp compare to last year’s?
“It was good.  I learned a lot of new things to work on.  Having attended Camp last year, I was more comfortable and knew what to expect in terms of the camp structure and how it was going to be run.”

What did this year’s Sharks Camp help you with that you will take back to Michigan for the upcoming season?
“Definitely the defensive things they preached were new to me.  I’m going to implement those the most this upcoming season.”

Did you have a moment when you knew you wanted to be a pro hockey player?
“When I was younger I knew that’s what I wanted to be.  I think when your younger and playing, its a dream that you hope comes true one day.”

Were you a Sharks fan growing up and if so, who was your favorite Shark?
“I never really had an NHL team.  I’m a big Boston fan but not a Bruins fan which is weird.  But I like the Bruins over the Rangers.”

Did the grind of being a “5-and-a-half-dayer” at Avon Farms ever get to you mentally or physically?
“Not at all.  I lived close to the school and it was nice to come home on Saturday’s for a break.  It was more a good thing than a negative.”

How much did your season with the Waterloo Blackhawks of the United States Hockey League {USHL} help prepare you for the collegiate game?
“HUGE!  The players they have put out is very impressive and it prepared me for the next level with the game schedule and the competition.”

Why was playing at Michigan a childhood dream?
“My family was a big football family and I attended the hockey camps at Ann Arbor.  I just fell in love with the town and its where I wanted to be.”

What have you enjoyed the most about playing at Michigan?
“I love the school.  It’s the total package from the academics to the fun stuff to playing for a top program and one of the best hockey programs in the nation.  It’s a fantastic place to play at.”

Why do you wear #13 at Michigan?
“When I was at Avon Farms, I was the last one picked and the only number left was 13 so I embraced it and now I like it.  I don’t want another number.”

What has been the best piece of advice you have ever received?
“To keep working hard and try to be the hardest worker on and off the ice.”

What do you feel are your strengths and weaknesses as a player?
“I’m pretty good with the puck and can improvise.  I need to improve my defensive play and skating a bit.”

California or Michigan weather?
“Michigan winter’s are brutal but I do like the seasons.  California weather is nice and would like to enjoy it for more than a week.”

I saw on Twitter you located the In & Out Burger for the last day of Sharks Camp.  What is your favorite item at In & Out?
“I ended up not going {laughs}.  I haven’t been there yet but am looking forward to it.”

Xbox360, Playstation 3 or Wii?
“I don’t do a lot of it as I’m not a big game guy but I’ll go with Xbox because I’ve played more of it.”

What can Sharks fans expect when the day comes you take the ice at HP Pavilion?
“Hopefully I’m fortunate enough to make it there as it would be a dream come true.  Fans can expect a high energy player who is physical, responsible and can score some points.”


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