“One-on-One” with San Jose Sharks prospect James Livingston

Photo courtesy of James Livingston's Twitter profile @JamesLivy

Before I begin, I would like to thank James Livingston for answering all these questions via Facebook messaging.  Be sure to follow him on Twitter @JamesLivy and check out his “Fearsome Young Sharks” Prospect Profile post by clicking HERE.

Did you have a moment when you knew you wanted to be a professional hockey player?
“I can’t remember any particular moment.  My parents had me in hockey at a young age and I’ve dreamed of playing in the NHL ever since.”

What did you enjoy the most about playing in Sault Ste. Marie and what do you miss from there?
“Playing in the Sault is a dedicated hockey city and the atmosphere at the rink every night was electric.  I was lucky to have great teammates, coaches and land parents.”

What did you enjoy about playing in Plymouth for the last season-and-a-half?
“I matured as a player in Plymouth and I think my game became more complete.  I enjoyed more success especially in the second season there.  I was also lucky in Plymouth like in the Sault to have been surrounded by great people in the organization and community.”

When you got the news the Sharks were signing you to an entry-level contract this spring, what went through your mind?  Were the Sharks one of the teams you talked with at the 2008 NHL Entry Draft?
“I was speechless.  I knew there was interest from a few teams but when the Sharks offered me a contract and I had heard so many good things about the organization I was very excited to be on-board.  The 2008 draft was such a nervous and exciting time for me I can’t remember if I had spoken with them.”

Were you a Sharks fan growing up and if so, who was your favorite Sharks player?
“Being born and raised in the eastern conference side of Canada I didn’t see as much of the Sharks games as I would have liked.  However, I remember for Christmas one year my brother John and I got hockey jerseys and his was a Sharks jersey.  My parents found it and sent me a picture of this jersey in March after I signed.”

How much did you learn at Sharks Development Camp last month?
“It was a great chance to work on the small detailed parts of the game that can sometimes be neglected, as well as getting a brief overview of some of the systems the Sharks use.  I learned a ton.”

What did you mean when you tweeted “got knocked down a few pegs for sure” at Sharks Camp?
“Haha…I was humbled by the talent of the guys at camp!”

What was the military training on the last day of camp that you and Sena Acolatse mentioned on Twitter?
“We got a chance to do some military training and team building exercises.  They were a great workout and a lot of fun.”

What has been the best piece of advice you have ever received?
“Don’t get bitter, get better.”

What is your favorite type of music to listen to?  Any favorite artists, groups or bands?
“I like all types of music.  John Mayer to relax to, or Drake to get pumped up.”

I read you like to sing.  Had hockey not worked out, would you be auditioning for American Idol or America’s Got Talent?
“I can’t handle long lines.”

Did you get a chance to play as yourself in EA Sports’ NHL11 video game?
“I did a couple of times.  I still can’t believe I’m in a video game.”

What would you like to see improved upon for your cyber character in NHL12?
“I think I remember looking a little pale out there.”

What do you feel are your strengths and weaknesses as a player?
“I’m strong on the pucks in the corners and solid defensively.  I need to keep getting quicker.”

What can Sharks fans expect when the day comes you take the ice at HP Pavilion?
“High energy and hard work, get the puck in their zone and finish checks!”


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