“One-on-One” with San Jose Sharks prospect Dylan DeMelo

Photo courtesy of http://www.mississauga.com

Before I begin, I would like to thank Dylan DeMelo for answering all these questions via email.  Be sure to follow him on Twitter @DDem2 and check out his “Fearsome Young Sharks” Prospect Profile post by clicking HERE.

How did you become interested in hockey and who was your favorite player growing up?
“My parents got me into hockey at age three, that’s when I started how to skate and from that moment on, I loved hockey.  I would always play it and it would be all we watched on TV.  My favorite player growing up was actually forward Mats Sundin, we watched a lot of Leaf games and he seemed to score every game.  Now, I like watching guys like Drew Doughty, Duncan Keith and Nick Lindstrom because they are easily the best “D” in the game and they totally dominate games.”

Was there a moment when you knew you wanted to be a pro hockey player?
“As soon as I first started skating I wanted to be a pro player and win a Stanley Cup.”

What did your time with the Mississauga Chargers teach you about the game and yourself?
“Playing with the Chargers, initially, I was a bit disappointed because I wanted to play for the Majors and felt I was ready.  But, playing with the Chargers was a great learning experience against bigger and faster players.  I was able to play in all situations and I learned that I can play against bigger and stronger players and excel at it.  Playing with the Chargers helped me prepare for the Majors.

What was it like playing alongside defensive partner Marc Cantin this past season?
“Playing with Cants was great.  I was very fortunate to play with him all year and lucky enough that he took me under his wing.  He taught me everything basically, what to do in certain situations, what to do when a player is coming down on you, pp and pk, just pretty much everything.”

How have you been able to balance both hockey and your academics?
“It’s tough, a lot of long nights after games but, I’ve had to get a tutor to help me sometimes but the teachers are very understanding knowing the situation and I got great support from my billets and family.”

What are your favorite and least favorite subjects?
“I like learning about the body so Biology and Kinesiology are up there and I don’t mind Math even though it’s very frustrating.  My least favorite is English.”

What was it like playing under head coach Dave Cameron?
“Dave is the best coach I’ve had thus far in my career.  He is very intense and demanding but that’s how he gets the best out of his players.  What I learned most from Dave is how hard you have to work and that what separates pro players from junior players is the little things and paying attention to detail.  He deserves a lot of credit for the player I am now, so does new coach James Boyd.”

What has it been like playing in Mississauga?
“Playing in Mississauga has been great.  I’ve enjoyed the city, there’s lots to do there and the fans are starting to show up.  The guys on the team are great and we’re really close and my billets have been great and helped my transition from London to Mississauga go smoothly.”

What was your day like when you found out the Sharks had drafted you at this year’s NHL Entry Draft?
“It was a very stressful day.  I didn’t go down to Minnesota so I stayed home and was watching on the computer and I just wanted to get drafted so the pressure would be off, and then I finally got the call from my agent and it was just a big sigh of relief.”

Were you a fan of the Sharks growing up and if so, who was your favorite Sharks player?
“To be honest, I never really followed San Jose until last couple of years when they’ve been going deep into the playoffs, but I like watching Dan Boyle and now, Brent Burns.”

How much did you learn at Sharks Development Camp last month?
“I learned so much, everything from how to workout and treat your body, skating, shooting, stopping on one foot, not crossing over, how defend forwards from the corner, and also San Jose’s systems and how they play the game.”

Did you get a chance to play as yourself in EA Sports’ NHL11 video game and did you agree with the 58-overall rating they gave you?
“Ya I did and no I wasn’t really impressed with the 58 rating but hopefully in the new one I’ll be in the 60’s somewhere.”

What would like to see improved upon for your cyber character in NHL12?
“Basically everything.  I was only 58-overall so I guess there’s nowhere to go but up.”

What do you feel are your strength and weaknesses as a player?
“I believe I do everything well.  I think I see the ice well, make a good first pass and I think I play both ends very well, and can contribute at both ends but most importantly, I keep my game simple.  I can always work on my skating and my shot needs to get better from the point.”

What can Sharks fans expect when the day comes that you take the ice at HP Pavilion?
“Well hopefully I get an opportunity to, but Sharks fans can expect a two-way defenseman that works hard and who is good in his own zone and has some offensive flair.”


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