“Hits and Misses” for Sharks at Canucks in 2011 Young Stars Tournament

Result: SHARKS 3, Canucks 5      {Sharks finish Young Stars Tournament with a 1-2 record}

Sharks forward Nathan Moon, seen here against Winnipeg on Monday night, scored two goals in the second period against the Vancouver Cancuks Wednesday evening. Photo courtesy of Winnipeg Sun


Ben ThomsonThomson scored his first goal of the 2011 Young Stars Tournament at 6:30 of the first period to give the Sharks an early 1-0 lead.  With the puck in the Canucks zone, Sharks defenseman Zach Bell fired a shot on net from the top of the blueline that was deflected in front of the goalie crease Sharks forward Freddie Hamilton, who was battling for position in front of Canucks goalie David Honzik.  First to the loose puck, Thomson corralled the puck onto his stick and buried home a goal with a shot from in-between the two face-off circles in the slot.

Nathan MoonMoon scored his first two goals of the 2011 Young Stars Tournament at 1:03 and 7:11 of the second period respectively.  With the Sharks on a power play, Sharks defenseman Antoine Corbin dumped the puck into the Canucks zone from center ice.  Honzik came out of his goalie crease to play the puck behind his net but had a miscommunication with his teammate and gave the puck right to Moon, who quickly put the puck into the open net to give the Sharks a 2-1 lead……..Moon’s second goal also came on the power play and gave the Sharks a 3-2 lead.  With the puck inside the Canucks zone, Sharks defenseman Sena Acolatse sent a pass across the blueline to Corbin, who created space with a quick move before passing the puck down to Moon, who was positioned on the high side of the goal line near the goalie crease.  With his head on a swivel, Moon attempted a quick pass down to linemate Mike Connolly, who was open on the opposite side of the goalie crease, but the puck deflected off the stick of Canucks defenseman Anthony Zanetti, who was positioned between Moon and Connolly, and into the Canucks net for the goal.

Michael Sgarbossa – While Sgarbossa didn’t registered a point, he did use his speed to draw a hooking penalty that resulted in Moon’s second power play goal of the game.  In addition, Sgarbossa did something after the game that shocked many viewers {and the Canucks broadcasters} when he dropped gloves and fought Canucks forward Alex Friesen.  Giving up 16 pounds to Friesen, Sgarbossa landed several hard shots that rocked and stunned Friesen before taking each other down to the ice.

Sena Acolatse – In addition to his excellent two-way play, Acolatse logged the most ice minutes for the Sharks tonight, registering an assist and gave Worcester Sharks fans another glimpse of what they can expect from his this upcoming season by demonstrating how hard his shot is.  Acolatse’s shot is so hard that he broke two hockey sticks tonight when going for his cannonading shot.

Zach Bell – Bell came up a goal short of registering a “Gordie Howe Hat Trick” as he registered an assist on the Thomson goal and dropped the gloves with Canucks forward Antoine Roussel in the second period.  The fight was Bell’s second of the tournament.

Invitees – Of all the invitees that played for the Sharks in this year’s Young Stars Tournament, there were four players that I was truly impressed and those four were Bell, Moon, Charles Inglis and Scooter Vaughan.  I would love to see Bell offered a contract just so Sharks fans can say, “Ring the Bell” everytime he drops the gloves.  On a serious note, he showed good awareness when on the ice and contributed with solid play.  Moon, Inglis and Vaughan are all reliable, solid two-way forwards who can play both special teams {power play and penalty kill}.  In addition, Inglis and Vaughan demonstrated they can use their speed to make something out of nothing and can generate scoring chances by using their speed.  All of these players would be welcomed additions to the Sharks organization and I truly hope they are signed.


Sharks Team – After outscoring the Calgary Flames 6-1 Sunday evening in the first game of the 2011 Young Stars Tournament, the Sharks were outscored in their final two games by a combined score of 9-3.  Even worse is the fact that the Sharks had the lead three different times tonight against the Canucks {1-0, 2-1, 3-2} and still came out on the short end.

J.P. Anderson – Seeing his first action in net since taking over for Thomas Heemskerk halfway through the Flames game, Anderson allowed more goals tonight {five} than he did in both of his starts in the 2010 Young Stars Tournament {four}.  After making an unbelievable left pad save in the opening minutes of the game, Anderson, who finished with 19 saves, never got into his zone that {Mississauga} Majors and Sharks fans have come to expect.  To be fair though, Anderson couldn’t have done anything on a couple of the goals.  Prab Rai‘s goal at 3:51 of the second period that tied the game at 2-2 was one of the luckiest goals scored in the tournament as his shot from in-between the two face-off circles pinballed in front of traffic near the goalie crease before squeaking past Anderson for the goal.……Adam Polasek‘s power play goal at 14:25 of the second period, which gave the Canucks their first lead of the game at 4-3, was the result of traffic being in front of Anderson, who wasn’t able to track the puck once it left Polasek’s stick at the blueline.

Sharks Defense – Three of the Canucks’ five goals were scored due to miscues by the Sharks defenders.  The first Canucks goal, which was scored by Steven Janes at 11:33 of the first period to tie the game at 1-1, came as the result of a turnover inside the Sharks zone by Bell, who failed to clear the puck once near the blueline.  Bell’s partner, Corbin, committed a defensive sin by watching the puck instead of playing the body as he allowed Canucks forward Michael Curtis to skate into the slot before passing the puck over to James, who was positioned in the lower face-off circle, for the one timer goal.…..In the second period, Sharks defenseman Justin Sefton was beat to a loose puck by Canucks forward Darren Archibald, who played the puck off the lower side board inside the Sharks zone after a stretch pass from teammate Anton Rodin.  Skating in on Anderson, Archibald let loose a snap shot from inside the lower face-off circle that beat Anderson through the five-hole for the game tying {3-3} goal at 11:42.…..In the third period, Corbin was picked on again by the Canucks as Rodin scored in the game’s final minutes to seal a 5-3 win for the Canucks.  Playing the puck off the lower side board inside the Sharks zone after a stretch pass from Polasek, Roudin used his speed to beat Corbin, went wide, cut in on Anderson and scored a beauty of a goal.


Line 1:  Brodie Reid / Nathan Moon / Mike Connolly{A}

Line 2:  Dylan Wruck / Michael Sgarbossa / Scooter Vaughan{A}

Line 3:  Trevor Cheek / Freddie Hamilton / Ben Thomson

Line 4:  Joe Antilla / Charles Inglis / Curt Gogol

D1:  Antoine Corbin / Zach Bell

D2:  Sena Acolatse{A} / Dylan DeMelo

D3:  William Wrenn / Justin Sefton

G:  J.P. Anderson / Thomas Heemskerk


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