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A look back at San Jose Sharks Christmas jerseys

With Christmas just a few days away, I thought it would be cool to take a look back at the Christmas jerseys the San Jose Sharks have worn during designated practices over the last few seasons and let fans vote for which Christmas jersey they liked best.

Why do the Sharks trade in their teal for these Christmas jerseys? After wearing these one-time only jerseys, the Sharks players autograph their respective jerseys, which are then sold via blind auction over the course of two designated Sharks home games at SAP Center to raise money for the Sharks Foundation community programming.

The following collage shows the jerseys sported by the Sharks over the last few seasons, starting with Joe Pavelski in 2009, Antti Niemi in 2010, Logan Couture in 2011 and Patrick Marleau in 2013 (there was no 2012 jersey due to the NHL Lockout).

All photos are via the Sharks Foundation Facebook page and the Sharks’ website.



Flashback Friday… Sharks Christmas Ornaments

Santa2On a whim last week, I Googled “San Jose Sharks Christmas” to see if I could find anything clever to post on my Instagram account.  Upon scrolling through the images, something caught my eye.  Wanting to know more, I clicked on the image and the source of the image was from eBay.

Naturally, I thought the image was from an expired auction but to my amazement, the image redirected me to an active listing.   I immediately put the item in my “watch list” and browsed the seller (wrap-n-rock-gems) to see if he or she had any similar items.  Sure enough, the seller had a similar item that I also put in my “watch list” and then the real fun began.

Not wanting to loose out on these items, mainly because I had never seen them before, I constantly checked my eBay app on my Rezound smart phone to see if anyone had increased the price with a bid.

The auction for the first item was set to end at 11:35 a.m. on Dec. 11.  I made sure my Rezound was charged and put in a feel out bid with three minutes left to test the waters.  My feel out bid did not work as I got the notification “You have been outbidded.”  With about 30-seconds left, I put in a final bid of $19.83 but it wasn’t enough.

Bummed out, I checked the bidding activity to see who won the item and noticed the winning bidder only had a feedback score of seven, which to quote Stephen A. Smith, gave me “cause to pause.”  However, I couldn’t think about it too much because the auction for the second item was ending at 11:45 a.m.  With about 30 seconds left, I put in a bid of $20.05, which luckily won me the item.Santa1

I immediately made the PayPal payment for the item but something told me to included a note to the seller.  Remembering the winning bidder of the first item only had a feedback score of seven, I had a gut feeling he or she might have been a ghost bidder. Going on instinct, I wrote the seller that “should the winning bidder of the first item not be able to pay, I would be more than happy to purchase item.”

Less than two hours later, I received an eBay message that said I had a second chance offer to buy the first item I had lost out on. Without hesitation, I paid for the item while doing my best Daniel Bryan “YES! YES!” imitation.

What were these items you ask? They were brand new San Jose Sharks Limited Edition Christmas Ornaments (3.5 inches tall) in team colors made by The Memory Company back in 2002 and 2003.

Words cannot do the attention to detail on these ornaments justice. They have to be seen in person to truly appreciated (the design pattern of the chair the young Sharks fan is asleep in doesn’t show well in the eBay stock picture, and the face of the puppy looking up at Santa will make you say “aww”).

With these ornaments in the collection, I now have to keep an eye out for the other ornament that goes with them as these two ornaments are the second and third in a limited series (a Google search for the first ornament yielded no results).

If I am able to find and obtain the first ornament, I will post the story here. \m/^_^\m/

Trying to find this San Jose Sharks poster

posterOver the last couple of years, I have been collecting posters of both the San Jose and Worcester Sharks.  It started in the summer of 2011 when I saw the Starline “Shark Attack” goalie mask poster on eBay.  I had that poster on my bedroom door as a kid and seeing it on eBay made me think it would look good framed (my poster was long gone).  That’s where the collection started.

In the time since that eBay purchase, I have had some good fortunate and tons of luck in building my collection.  Sports Poster Warehouse had three vintage Sharks posters, two of which were Costacsos I didn’t know existed (Jeff Friesen “Shark Attack” poster and Teemu Selanne “Beware of the Finn”).  Ebay has been a goldmine in finding ultra rare posters such as the Pat Falloon “Shark Attack” poster and the Brain Hayward goalie poster.

However, there is one poster that is missing from the collection and it’s the poster you see above (made by Costacos) that features former Sharks Arturs Irbe, Sandis Ozolinsh and Igor Larionov. I have checked eBay on a consistent basis with no luck, and have contacted numerous eBay sellers, most of whom have either never seen the poster before or simply don’t have it.

I had a 13×17 version of the poster back in 1995 when I was in fifth grade that I bought at the school book fair, and currently have a mini 4×6 version I won off eBay in 2012.  Simply put, locating the full version poster is proving to be more difficult than conquering the American Gladiators NES video game.

If anyone reading this comes across a full version of this poster, please let me know.

Ex Sharks Cheechoo and Ozolinsh are KHL All Stars

OzolinshTwo former San Jose Sharks will be teammates again as defenseman Sandis Ozolinsh (Riga Dynamo) and forward Jonathan Cheechoo (Medveščak Zagreb) were selected to represent Team West at the 2014 KHL All Star Game.

Ozolinsh, who played for the Sharks from 1992-95 and 2007-08, led all KHL defensemen in voting with 11,205 votes (fifth highest amongst KHL players).  For the season, Ozolinsh is averaging 22:03 minutes of ice time and has registered 17 points (4-13-17) with 42 penalty minutes in 36 games played.  His 17 points are second on Riga Dynamo amongst defenseman and his 13 assists are ninth best league wide.

Cheechoo2Cheechoo, who played for the Sharks from 2002-09 and won the Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy for his 56 goals during the 2005-06 season, finished in the top three of forward voting for Team West with 7,166 votes.  For the season,  Cheechoo is averaging 16:06 minutes of ice time and has registered 25 points (16-9-25) with 26 penalty minutes in 38 games played.  His 25 points are third best on Medveščak Zagreb while his 16 goals lead the team and are fifth best league wide (five behind league leader Danis Zaripov).

In addition to being San Jose Sharks alumni, Ozolinsh and Cheechoo are also Worcester Sharks alumni.  Ozolinsh registered one assist in two games during the 2007-08 season while Cheechoo led Worcester in scoring for the 2010-11 season with 47 points (18-29-47) in only 55 games played.

**Photos via KHL Photo Bank (**