MeMy name is Jon Allred, a San Jose Sharks fan who has a degree in journalism from CSU Monterey Bay, and this is my San Jose/Worcester Sharks blog titled “Finz and Stitches.”

“Finz and Stitches” was created by accident.  When San Jose had a six-game losing streak in Jan 2011, I began posting my thoughts in the Sharks’ Facebook game thread.  However, I didn’t want to post what others were posting, such as “Team sucks,” “trade such and such,” “we need a new coach and goalie,” etc.

I wanted to post something that gave the Sharks credit but also held them accountable for their play on the ice.  In my posts, I posted the positives first, which were “hits,” and after I listed those, I listed the negatives, which were “misses.”  The feedback I got on them surprised me as a good number of Sharks fans enjoyed them.  After posting on the Sharks Facebook game thread for a handful of games, a couple of people told me that I needed to create my own page for the Sharks so I wouldn’t have to rely on Facebook.

After asking around and comparing blog sites, I settled on wordpress, found a cool theme that had a hockey feel and was just missing a name.  I spent a couple nights trying to think of one and “Finz and Stitches” just popped into my head.  I liked the name because it was a tribute to both the Sharks and the game of hockey and after a few friends confirmed they liked the name as well, the blog was named.

I hope you all enjoy the material on this blog page.  Feel free to leave comments and subscribe to the blog for email updates.  Also, you can follow me on Twitter @jon_allredI tweet my posts out after they are published to my friends and followers.  Also, you can email me at sjsharksfan1984@gmail.com.

Also be sure to check out my WordPress video game blog, Throwbackgaming.

Thank you again for visiting.


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