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“Teal Town Tweet Talk” for week of 8/7/11 – 8/13/11


Sena Acolatse

“Shout out to my boy @wwrenn91. Future SJShark and a gem of a guy! jst joined twitter Don be afraid to follow this cool cat #futurehalloffamer”  {Aug. 12}

Brodie Brazil

“Fun fact for you: #sjsharks top 6 d-men tailed 598 hits last year. This year’s projected 6 had 790 last season.”  {Aug. 8}

Brent Burns

“Haha yes I Suck at planking!! Not my fault! Ask mike p. I can’t do pullups very good either #longarms.. I sk8 better than plank promise!!  {Aug. 12}

Ryane Clowe

“Lost a lot of respect for Stevie Williams after those comments last night.. Sorry Steve but Tiger made your career #showsomeclass”  {Aug. 8}

Logan Couture

“Sorry to my Bay Area followers that support the A’s. For the next 3 days we are enemies, gonna be a tough couple days for you guys! #Jays”  {Aug. 9}

Dylan DeMelo

“Congrats to my boy @Krychs for winning the gold with the under 18 team adda boy”  {Aug. 13}

Curt Gogol

“Almost pissed myself today at the gym when buddy threw two plates on bench press, starred at it for a while then dropped it on his chest!”  {Aug. 9}

Bret Hedican

“Had a great time #PaddleSurfing today for the first time! Wish I had a photo to share! Next time, I’ll take a photo to prove I could stand up!”  {Aug. 12}

Sean Kuraly

“I’ve waited 18 years for this day, gonna leave this mustache for about a month, and hopefully by then, it will be grown in”  {Aug. 9}

James Livingston

“500 followers? I’m flatter…thank you! :)”  {Aug. 13}

Jamie McGinn

“Golf tournament with the two brothers and #fatheroftheyear.. Great day!”  {Aug. 7}

Lee Moffie

“Heading to the dentist for the first time since 2007. My over/under on cavities is 2. #garlichummuslunch”  {Aug. 8}

S.J. Sharkie

“spending the day working on some new outfits for next season. will give you a hint on one of them: snake river canyon. #fb”  {Aug. 9}

Sean Sullivan

“How has the guy from Man Vs Food not had a heart attack yet?”  {Aug. 10}

Tommy Wingels

@Logancouture coming to toronto for a week. anything to do in this city? #notajaysfan”  {Aug. 9}

William Wrenn

“Back in portland, shout out to @tddougherty and @jtspiv for the twitter inspiration #neversaynever”  {Aug. 7}


“One-on-One” with San Jose Sharks prospect James Livingston

Photo courtesy of James Livingston's Twitter profile @JamesLivy

Before I begin, I would like to thank James Livingston for answering all these questions via Facebook messaging.  Be sure to follow him on Twitter @JamesLivy and check out his “Fearsome Young Sharks” Prospect Profile post by clicking HERE.

Did you have a moment when you knew you wanted to be a professional hockey player?
“I can’t remember any particular moment.  My parents had me in hockey at a young age and I’ve dreamed of playing in the NHL ever since.”

What did you enjoy the most about playing in Sault Ste. Marie and what do you miss from there?
“Playing in the Sault is a dedicated hockey city and the atmosphere at the rink every night was electric.  I was lucky to have great teammates, coaches and land parents.”

What did you enjoy about playing in Plymouth for the last season-and-a-half?
“I matured as a player in Plymouth and I think my game became more complete.  I enjoyed more success especially in the second season there.  I was also lucky in Plymouth like in the Sault to have been surrounded by great people in the organization and community.”

When you got the news the Sharks were signing you to an entry-level contract this spring, what went through your mind?  Were the Sharks one of the teams you talked with at the 2008 NHL Entry Draft?
“I was speechless.  I knew there was interest from a few teams but when the Sharks offered me a contract and I had heard so many good things about the organization I was very excited to be on-board.  The 2008 draft was such a nervous and exciting time for me I can’t remember if I had spoken with them.”

Were you a Sharks fan growing up and if so, who was your favorite Sharks player?
“Being born and raised in the eastern conference side of Canada I didn’t see as much of the Sharks games as I would have liked.  However, I remember for Christmas one year my brother John and I got hockey jerseys and his was a Sharks jersey.  My parents found it and sent me a picture of this jersey in March after I signed.”

How much did you learn at Sharks Development Camp last month?
“It was a great chance to work on the small detailed parts of the game that can sometimes be neglected, as well as getting a brief overview of some of the systems the Sharks use.  I learned a ton.”

What did you mean when you tweeted “got knocked down a few pegs for sure” at Sharks Camp?
“Haha…I was humbled by the talent of the guys at camp!”

What was the military training on the last day of camp that you and Sena Acolatse mentioned on Twitter?
“We got a chance to do some military training and team building exercises.  They were a great workout and a lot of fun.”

What has been the best piece of advice you have ever received?
“Don’t get bitter, get better.”

What is your favorite type of music to listen to?  Any favorite artists, groups or bands?
“I like all types of music.  John Mayer to relax to, or Drake to get pumped up.”

I read you like to sing.  Had hockey not worked out, would you be auditioning for American Idol or America’s Got Talent?
“I can’t handle long lines.”

Did you get a chance to play as yourself in EA Sports’ NHL11 video game?
“I did a couple of times.  I still can’t believe I’m in a video game.”

What would you like to see improved upon for your cyber character in NHL12?
“I think I remember looking a little pale out there.”

What do you feel are your strengths and weaknesses as a player?
“I’m strong on the pucks in the corners and solid defensively.  I need to keep getting quicker.”

What can Sharks fans expect when the day comes you take the ice at HP Pavilion?
“High energy and hard work, get the puck in their zone and finish checks!”

“Teal Town Tweet Talk” for the week of 8/1/11 – 8/6/11


Before I begin this installment of “Teal Town Tweet Talk,” I would like to apologize for not posting this the prior two weeks.  I was debating as to whether I should continue doing it and decided to keep doing it just as my fun post once a week.

In the two weeks “Teal Town Tweet Talk” as absent, Dan DaSilva announced he was heading overseas to play in the Kontinental Hockey League {KHL} in Russia; goalie Carter Hutton signed a contract to play with the Rockford Icehogs in the American Hockey League {AHL}, and both Owen Nolan {@OwenNolan11} and Brent Burns {@Burnzie88} joined the Twitter world.

Sena Acolatse

“Just realized I still haven’t seen the 4th pirates of the carribean movie. I need to get #priorities in order. Shieeeet”  {Aug. 1}

Jamie Baker

“Welcome to SJ Colin White. With Murray, Burns and Vandermeer the Sharks have one tough set of D to compliment Boyle, Vlasic, Demers & Braun”  {Aug. 3}

Brodie Brazil

“Watching game 3 #sjsharks vs #LAKings on #NHL network. Ah the memories.”  {Aug. 3}

Brent Burns

“What’s up guys!! Starting up this twitter world, figure moving across country ain’t crazy enough!!”  {Aug. 2}

Ryane Clowe

@Burnzie88 Welcome to San Jose my friend.. look forward to mukkin it up with you this year. Congrads on the new deal as well #nomoresnow”  {Aug. 3}

Logan Couture

“Attempted to take an IQ test online. My brain hurt after the first 5 questions, its been 4 years since my last class of school..#timeflies”  {Aug. 6}

Dan DaSilva

“Not used to these 2 a days over here in Slovakia. Tough sched”  {Aug. 6}

Dylan DeMelo

“Swamp people is actually a sick show”  {Aug. 3}

Curt Gogol

“Heading up to edmonton this weekend to watch my boys sgar and freddy in world j camp. #proudfather”  {Aug. 3}

Carter Hutton

“Excited for next year and new opportunities, Thanks to everyone this season great experiences and memories”  {Aug. 1}

Sean Kuraly

“Goo Goo Dolls!! But more importantly Michelle Branch…”  {Aug. 2}

James Livingston

“how lucky am I? I got a flat tire this afternoon… i got home to take a shower and when i was done my neighbor fixed it for me. Thanks!!!”  {Aug. 5}

James Marcou

“How much luggage does the jersey shore need? #areyoukiddingme”  {Aug. 4}

Jamie McGinn

“So when they call it #Sharkweek shouldn’t it be shark shows 24/7? #ifyourgoingtodoitright”  {Aug. 4}

Lee Moffie

“I chirp airport security and I end up being the only passenger not on my overbooked flight #denied #standby #layover #pissedoff #karma”  {Aug. 4}

S.J. Sharkie

“Busy day today – ending with being the ring bearer at a special wedding! #fb”  {Aug. 6}

Sean Sullivan

“I didn’t know 6 am existed in the summer.”  {Aug. 2}

Tommy Wingels

“you know a lot of people go to college for 7 years #notadoctor”  {Aug. 4}

“Fearsome Young Sharks” Prospect Profile – Curt Gogol

Photo courtesy of Alexander Zimmermann {@Alex_Z_Sharkie}

On Sept. 21, 2010, San Jose Sharks Executive Vice President and General Manager Doug Wilson announced the team had signed unrestricted free agent forward Curt Gogol {@CurtG17} to an entry-level contract.

“Curt has made great progress as a player over the last two seasons,” said Wilson in a press release on the Sharks website.  “We are pleased to add him to our organization and look forward to working with him to further his development, which has excelled under Saskatoon General Manager and Head Coach Lorne Molleken.”

Described by as “an aggressive agitator and tenacious competitor who backs down from no one,” Gogol was selected by the Kelowna Rockets in the eighth round {165th overall} of the 2006 Western Hockey League {WHL} Bantam Draft.  Two years later, Gogol earned a spot on the Rockets roster for the 2008-09 season as a 17-year-old rookie and registered five points on one goal and four assists to go along with 144 penalty minutes in 63 regular season games played.

In addition, Gogol helped lead the Rockets to the WHL title that season in an energy role on a line with Mitchell Callahan and Evan Bloodoff.  In the Rockets 22 playoff games, Gogol registered one point on one goal to go along with 30 penalty minutes.

“That was the most fun I’ve had playing junior hockey, for sure,” said Gogol in an interview with Larry Fisher for a Sept. 2010 Kelowna Daily Courier article.  “I actually had a role on that team that I liked.  It was fun contributing in playoffs with that team.  That’s an experience I’ll never forget.”

The following season, 2009-10, Gogol registered six points on six assists to go along with 120 penalty minutes in 35 games played before being traded in Jan. 2010 to the Saskatoon Blades for the rights to forward Colton Sissons and a third-round pick in 2011.  The trade came at the request of Gogol, who was butting heads with Rockets head coach Ryan Huska and the coaching staff due to their request for Gogol to be more of an enforcer on the team to replace Ryley Grantham.

“We had two different roles in mind,” said Gogol in the Fisher article.  “I’m a two-way forward that just likes to go out there and cause havoc, and help out with the odd goal.  If a fight is needed, I will go out there and fight.  But it’s not after every goal I’m going to go out there and fight the heavyweight of the league; I can’t do that.  That’s what I found my role was being in Kelowna.”

In eight regular season games with the Blades, Gogol registered one point on one goal to go along with 29 penalty minutes.  In the Blades’ 10 playoff games, Gogol registered four points on a goal and three assists to go along with 23 penalty minutes.

Despite winning a WHL title and scrapping with all challengers of all sizes, it wasn’t enough for Gogol to be selected at the 2010 National Hockey League {NHL} Entry Draft.

“Any time it’s your draft day, it’s something big,” said Gogol in the Fisher article.  “For a couple of days there, I was out of commission.  I had a couple of teams call me right after the draft and I was pretty mad.”

After discussing his post-draft options with his agent, both agreed that the best place for Gogol to earn a contract and possibly play for one day was San Jose.  Showing up to the Sharks 2010 training camp as an undrafted, unrestricted free agent camp invite, Gogol played in all three games for the Sharks at the 2010 Young Stars tournament, which was held in Penticton, B.C., from Sept. 12-16, and registered 18 penalty minutes.

In the opening game against the Anaheim Ducks, Gogol squared off with Scott Ramsay despite giving up four inches in height.  Less than 24 hours later, Gogol dropped the gloves with Taylor Ellington of the Vancouver Canucks despite Ellington being four years the elder and having spent part of the 2009-10 season with the Manitoba Moose of the American Hockey League {AHL}.  Despite the age and experience difference, Gogol finished the fight with Ellington in decisive fashion with a TKO at center ice.

“I initiated both fights,” said Gogol in the Fisher article.  “Obviously, it’s a part of my game, but I don’t want it to be my whole game.  I don’t want to be a one-dimensional player.  But I do fight and I have to fight to make an impression.  And this is a great spot to make an impression with five teams watching you.  I’m here to impress, not just this team, but the other four, coming in undrafted.  Whatever it takes, I’m going to do whatever they want me to do, whatever they want my role to be.”

Impress is exactly what Gogol did as he was rewarded with an entry-level contract by the Sharks five days after the Young Stars tournament concluded. 

“Curt really deserves this opportunity, he has worked extremely hard and put forth a lot of effort to get to this point, reaching all of our expectations,” said Coach Molleken in a Sept. 2010 interview with the Blades website.

Returning to the Blades for the 2010-11 season, Gogol registered two points on one goal and one assist to go along with 59 penalty minutes in 15 games played before being traded along with an eighth round 2011 draft pick to the Chilliwack Bruins {renamed the Victoria Royals on April 2, 2011} on Nov. 2, 2010, for forward Chris Collins.

“This was a situation where we had an opportunity to bring in a younger forward that we feel has tremendous potential,” said Coach Molleken in an interview for a press release.  “We would like to thank Curt for his contributions to the Saskatoon Blades over the past two seasons.”

Serving as an assistant with the Bruins for the 2010-11 season, newly named Regina Pats head coach Pat Conacher knew what a Gogol could bring to the Bruins in the tough B.C. division.  Conacher, a veteran of more than 500 National Hockey League {NHL} games, broke into the junior leagues with Curt’s father, Brent, in the 1977-78 season on the Billings Bighorns in the old Western Canada Hockey League {WCHL}.

That season, Brent Gogol set the WHL record for most penalty minutes in a season with 511, amassing 46 penalty minutes in six games with the Victoria Cougars and 465 with the Bighorns in 67 games played.  Brent also chipped in offensively that season, registering 27 points on 13 goals and 14 assists {one assist was with the Cougars}.  In the Bighorns 20 playoff games that season, Brent registered five points on one goal and four assists to go along with 95 penalty minutes.

“He knew what he needed to be, what he needed to bring every game,” said Conacher of Brent Gogol in an interview with Marc Weber for a Nov. 2010 Province article.  “He was a guy who went out and stood up for his teammates.  He was such a physical player and the fighting just came to him.”

Playing on his third team in as many seasons, the knock on Curt had been his discipline, something he was never aware of.

“I was never told ‘You’re hurting the team,'” said Gogol of his time in Saskatoon in the Weber article.  “But coming here and having Marc {Habscheid} as good a coach as he is, sat me down and told me I have a lot to change and this is a great place to change.”

Change is what Curt did as he served as an assistant captain for the Bruins while setting career highs in goals {four}, assists {eight} and points {12} in 47 games played to go along with 142 penalty minutes.  In the Bruins’ five playoff games, Curt registered one point on one assist to go along with six penalty minutes.

Taking pride in his two-way role, and getting under the opposition’s skin, Curt told Weber it was a “dream come true” to lean on and learn from Conacher.  In addition, Sharks development coach Mike Ricci took Curt under his wing at Sharks training camp and stressed the same message the Bruins echoed upon his arrival in Chilliwack:  Learn to play on the edge but don’t go over it.

“When you’re that type of player you walk that fine line,” said Habscheid in the Weber article.  “He’s all eyes and ears in terms of wanting to improve and he brings that element of sandpaper that I think our group needed.  We have some skilled guys that we thought some teams wanted to take liberties with and we want them to be able to play their game.  Curt is not a lot of fun to play against.”


Curt Gogol vs. Matt McCue  {Jan. 30, 2009}  {Courtesy of YouTube user “HordiBrusk29”}

Curt Gogol vs. Scott Ramsay  {Feb. 22, 2009}  {Courtesy of YouTube user “HordiBrusk29”}

Curt Gogol vs. Tyler Schmidt  {April 12, 2009}  {Courtesy of YouTube user “HordiBrusk29”}

Curt Gogol vs. Mike Berube {April 25, 2009}  {Courtesy of YouTube user “HordiBrusk29”}

Curt Gogol vs. Cole Grbavac  {Sept. 25, 2009}  {Courtesy of YouTube user “HordiBrusk29”}

Curt Gogol vs. Ryan McNaught  {Oct. 10, 2009}  (Courtesy of YouTube user “HordiBrusk29”}

Curt Gogol vs. Cameron Abney  {Oct. 17, 2009}  {Courtesy of YouTube user “HordiBrusk29”}

Curt Gogol vs. Ian Schultz  {Oct. 28, 2009}  {Courtesy of YouTube user “HordiBrusk29”}

Curt Gogol vs. Josh Caron {Nov. 7, 2009}  {Courtesy of YouTube user “HordiBrusk29”}

Curt Gogol vs. Radko Gudas  {Nov. 13, 2009}  {Courtesy of YouTube user “HordiBrusk29”}

Curt Gogol vs. Brett Ponich  {Nov. 14, 2009}  {Courtesy of YouTube user “HordiBrusk29”}

Curt Gogol vs. Tayler Jordan  {Nov. 18, 2009}  {Courtesy of YouTube user “HordiBrusk29”}

Curt Gogol vs. Greg Fraser  {Nov. 21, 2009}  {Courtesy of YouTube user “HordiBrusk29”}

Curt Gogol vs. Brayden McNabb {Nov. 28, 2009}  {Courtesy of YouTube user “HordiBrusk29”}

Curt Gogol vs. Cody Smuk  {Dec. 12, 2009}  {Courtesy of YouTube user “HordiBrusk29”}

Curt Gogol vs. Ian Schultz  {Jan. 13, 2010}  {Courtesy of YouTube user “HordiBrusk29”}

Curt Gogol vs. Zak Stebner  {March 7, 2010}  {Courtesy of YouTube user “HordiBrusk29”}

Curt Gogol vs. Andrew Herle  {March 13, 2010}  {Courtesy of YouTube user “HordiBrusk29”}

Curt Gogol vs. Justin Weller  {March 25, 2010}  {Courtesy of YouTube user “hockeyfightsplus”}

Curt Gogol vs. Scott Ramsay  {Sept. 12, 2010}  {Courtesy of YouTube user “Shorty25”}

Curt Gogol vs. Taylor Ellingston {Sept. 13, 2010}  {Courtesy of YouTube user “”}

Curt Gogol vs. Jordan Rowley  {Sept. 24, 2010}  {Courtesy of YouTube user “hockeyfightsplus”}

Curt Gogol vs. Darren Bestland  {Oct. 1, 2010}  {Courtesy of YouTube use “hockeyfightsplus”}

Curt Gogol vs. Joel Edmundson {Oct. 19, 2010}  {Courtesy of YouTube user “hockeyfightsplus”}

Curt Gogol vs. Mitchell Callahan  {Nov. 6, 2010}  {Courtesy of YouTube user “hockeyfightsplus”}

Curt Gogol s. Klarc Wilson  {Nov. 9, 2010}  {Courtesy of YouTube user “hockeyfightsplus”}

Curt Gogol vs. Brett Lyon  {Dec. 4, 2010}  {Courtesy of YouTube user “hockeyfightsplus”}

Curt Gogol vs. Jesse Pearson {Dec. 17, 2010}  {Courtesy of YouTube user “hockeyfightplus”}

Curt Gogol vs. Dylan Willick  {Jan. 29, 2011}  {Courtesy of YouTube user “hockeyfightsplus”}

Curt Gogol vs. Mitchell Callahan {Feb. 2, 2011}  {Courtesy of YouTube user “hockeyfightsplus”}

Curt Gogol vs. Jessey Astles  {March 4, 2011}  {Courtesy of YouTube user “hockeyfightsplus”}

Curt Gogol vs. Matt Bellerive {March 9, 2011}  {Courtesy of YouTube user “hockeyfightplus”}

Curt Gogol vs. Wes Vannieuwenhuizen {March 12, 2011}  {Courtesy of YouTube user “hockeyfightsplus”}

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